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There are many uses for lanyards, especially when it comes to holding identification badges. Large corporations often provide staff with ID badges and custom printed lanyards to hold them, and these badges can also be used by staff to access certain areas of the building. Different badges may be provided to visitors that will prevent them accessing secure or sensitive areas of the premises.

Astute businesses know that lanyards are not only a useful item but they are also great in terms of creating brand awareness. These lightweight and inexpensive items can be branded with company logos so that whenever staff are out and about, the company name will regularly be exposed to potential new customers.

A Unique Use for Lanyards

Lanyards are not only great in terms of promotion, but they are also a useful tool when it comes to the health and safety of customers. In fact, Gatwick Airport launched a new lanyard-based initiative to aid passengers with hidden disabilities and conditions back in May 2016.

The voluntary lanyard is provided to passengers who might not have noticeable conditions but who may still require additional assistance when travelling. The discrete sign alerts staff to the fact that certain passengers may benefit from support and help. Despite the new initiative being launched, airport chiefs were keen to point out those passengers requiring extra support could also continue to approach members of staff if they needed help. The lanyard is entirely voluntary. It is expected that other transport networks across the UK will adopt a similar system if the Gatwick project is a success.

Greater Awareness

The voluntary lanyard system for those with hidden disabilities and conditions came about after a collaboration between officials at Gatwick Airport and a number of charities in the UK, including The National Autistic Society, Alzheimer's Society and Action on Hearing Loss.

The aim of the project is to create an understanding of the challenges that those with hidden disabilities can face when travelling. It is hoped that people will become more aware and will do more to help where they can.

The lanyard alerts staff to the fact that some passengers may, for example, need extra time for preparation at security or could need additional time in order to process specific information. It is also a discreet sign that passengers need to be with their family or might need staff to use clear signs and verbal language to be understood.

Customised Lanyards

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