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The uses for printed lanyards stretch as far as the imagination goes, from security and identification, to event organisation and promotion.

Printed lanyards are some of the most versatile accessories you can have working for you, especially considering you can combine their functional and visual uses. An example of this would be giving out printed lanyards at an event so you can identify a paying guest while also having the details of some advertised future events printed onto the lanyard itself. This is just one of many possible ideas you can use genuine quality printed lanyards for.

Below we'll go through three of the most popular uses for high-quality printed lanyards.

Printed Lanyards for Promotion

Printed lanyards can do wonders for promotion and advertisement of a brand, product, or event. Many businesses and organisations choose to give out printed lanyards for free to the public so that they can then advertise their brand indirectly through the normal everyday use of their printed lanyard by the public.

You can customise your own printed lanyard to look however you like and to display whatever information you please; you're in control when you order from Ribbonworks.

Printed Lanyards for Employee Use

There's nothing like a unique printed lanyard to increase security, increase productivity, and save money. A printed lanyard can be used within a business or organisation to easily display identification cards, to keep your important keys and tools handy, and to reduce the likelihood of misplacing items that are costly to replace.

In many ways, printed lanyards will save you time, fuss, and money in the long-term, so why hesitate on ordering your own unique printed lanyards for your organisation?

Printed Lanyards for Events

It is commonplace now for commercial hosts of events to give out printed lanyards to their guests when it comes to events such as fairs and gigs. Using printed lanyards in this way is a great way to identify paying guests as well as being a nice gesture to be appreciated overall. Why not create a unique printed lanyard with details of all your upcoming events on them to also advertise to your guests as well?

A printed lanyard with an eye-catching design and simple details can really make the difference for current and future events.

Order Printed Lanyards Online Today

It's never been as simple and inexpensive to get durable, customised, and printed lanyards online than it is now from Ribbonworks. We offer the very best in printed lanyard quality at the most competitive prices around.

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