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School lanyards are now considered an essential in everyday use; anyone working in a school setting can benefit greatly from a quality school lanyard, from visitors and guests to teaching staff and janitors.

The reason school lanyards are so popular is because of their almost unlimited uses in keeping day-to-day work organised. School visitors can wear a guest pass visibly using a lanyard, teachers can keep track of keys and accessories using a lanyard, janitorial staff and cleaners can use lanyards to keep track of keys and handy tools. These are just a few examples of how school lanyards can make life easier.

Below we'll go through the main benefits and uses of school lanyards in more detail so you can get a real idea of how these amazing accessories prove themselves handy time and time again.

Make Sure Staff & Visitors are Easily Identifiable

Security has to be taken extremely seriously in a school setting to protect both students and staff from harm. One great way a school lanyard can help with this is by carrying identification cards in plain view around the neck of staff and visitors.

You can't put a price on safety and security; school lanyards are an effective and inexpensive way to enhance school security.

Give All Staff a Great Way to Stay Organised
It doesn't matter whether it's a teacher, a cleaner, a janitor, or an IT technician, anyone working within an educational setting can benefit from using a school lanyard. A durable school lanyard can last for years, allowing staff to keep keys, cards, tools, and other important accessories at hand at all times.

Consider the costs of losing an important key or wasting time throughout the day looking for a specific tool, you can avoid all this by using quality school lanyards.

Instil Some School Pride through Customisation
School lanyards certainly don't have to be bland and boring, Ribbonworks offers you all kinds of different school lanyard customisation options; you can decide on everything from the material used to the graphics and colours. Why not get school lanyards for all of your staff emblazoned with your school colours and logo?

We think it's great for any school or educational organisation to get customised school lanyards so their staff have something useful and unique that they'll constantly have by their side.

Order School Lanyards Today at a Low Price

School lanyards are always a fantastic idea because they have so many important and versatile uses. Whether you want school lanyards for extra security or to increase productivity, Ribbonworks has the highest quality school lanyards you can find online.

Give our friendly team a call today at 01355 813301 if you're looking to buy school lanyards or just want to ask us a few questions; you can also send us a secure email at info@ribbonworks.co.uk

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