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Brand recognition and awareness are essential for businesses of all sizes; one of the best ways to get your company name out there is through promotional products. With so many products to choose from, they are an excellent way to market your business as well as the goods or services you provide. Promotional products can be personalised with a company logo or with a message of your choice and can be sent to existing or potential customers. They are also popular as gifts at trade shows and will help to keep your business in the mind of those you meet there. There are many additional benefits to using promotional products and below we have listed just a few examples.

Proof of Employment
In large organisations, ID badges are essential. Companies employing hundreds of staff will need some way to be able to identify those who work for the organisation. It will be much easier for security staff to identify intruders if these individuals do not have the required ID badge.

Restricting Access
In many organisations, there will be certain areas that not all employees will have access to. This could be entire floors or specific offices, but ID badges can be used to give employees access to permitted areas as well as restricting access to other areas within the company.

Time Keeping
ID badges can also be employed by some companies as a type of clocking-in and -out system. Badges are swiped when the employee entered the building and swiped again upon leaving. This means that there is no need for a clock-card system or employees to sign in and out. It is also useful for emergencies as it will make it easier to identify who is in or out of the premises (think fires, etc.).

Discount Programmes
These days, everyone loves a bargain or a discount and there are various discount schemes open to the employees of large organisations. This couldbe discountsat restaurants, cinemas, gym memberships, retail stores, etc. An employee ID badge may be all your staff need to show to avail of these discounts.

A Sense of Importance
Employees with an ID badge might feel a sense of belonging and importance when given the ID badge. It makes new employees feel like a part of the organisation, which will help improve their productivity and performance.

Affordable Advertising
When it comes to ID badges for business, lanyards are commonly used as a way to keep these badges secure. Many astute organisations will invest in top quality personalised lanyards as they know that this is a form of affordable advertising. Every time a member of staff leaves work with their printed lanyard around their neck, they are a walking advertisement for the organisation for whom they work. This lanyard will be seen by everyone they meet and will help to create brand awareness.

Emergency Identification
While ID badges are great for business, they are also beneficial to staff in the event of an emergency. ID badges have proven vital for emergency services in the event of, for example, traffic accidents. With one phone call, emergency personnel can contact a person's place of work and find out essential information such as contact details for next of kin.

Essential for Business
Regardless of the size of a business, ID badges are becoming very important when it comes to security and branding. Many clever business owners use these badges to help identify personnel as well as combining them with a swiping system to allow access to permitted areas.

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