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Your Next Trade Show

Your next trade show is coming up soon. Are you prepared? In other words, are you ready to walk into the show fully decked out in promotional gear that will grab everyone's attention?

If not, it's time to get working on it. It's time to start thinking about conquering the trade show with colour.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Have you ever been to a public event or a local fair and seen groups of people wearing identical, brightly coloured T-shirts? Those are families smart enough to use the shirts to keep track of each other.

You can use the same principle at your next trade show by issuing lanyards or ID cardholders that will stand out in the crowd.

Make An Impact With Lanyards

Imagine every member of your team wearing a bright pink lanyard with your company name and logo. If pink isn't your thing, try a bright mint green or a turquoise blue.

Then match the lanyards with a coordinated ID cardholder for extra effect. No matter where your team members are at the show, they will be easily identified.

More Information

Everybody else will be wearing white shirts and dark coloured ties. Not you and your team. You'll be rocking hot pink. Contact Ribbonworks.co.uk today and see how we can help you make an impact.

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