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There are many ways to advertise a business, yet it appears that the focus remains on television or online advertising. However, there are simple yet effective means of advertisement that are both affordable and will work wonders for your business.

Ahead of Forecast
According to the Advertising Association/Warc Expenditure Report, UK advertising expenditure increased by 5.2% in the first half of 2016, meaning that it was 0.4 percentage points ahead of the predicted forecast.

Internet ad spend had a noticeable growth of 16.9% in the first half of 2016. Part of this was mobile spend, which increased by an enormous 52.6%, resulting in mobile accounting for over half of all online display ad spend in the whole of the UK.

The full years' predictions have been revised to an increase of one percentage point, but 2017's forecast was revised down by half a percentage point. This is due to continuing uncertainty around the EU referendum.

Top Quality Material

Here at, we offer affordable options when it comes to advertising. We have a range of products - from lanyards to wristbands to mobile phone accessories - that you can use to promote your products or services. Contact us today for more information.

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