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Slap Bracelets or Snapbands

We have an extensive range of promotional products here at, including lanyards, head and wrist sweatbands, necktubes and even slap bracelets. And when it comes to slap bracelets, many people would overlook them as a form of advertising; however, the 80s craze is coming back into fashion, and these bracelets are in high demand at the moment. Many are desperate to get their hands on one, so think of how much advertising you could do with your logo branded on a slap bracelets?

Slap bracelets make a significant change from the standard methods of advertising, and they are extremely affordable as well; you don't have to spend excessive amounts to advertise your business successfully. This type of advertising can also be done using many of the fantastic and quirky products we supply.

Amazing Promotional Product

The slap bracelet is following on from the ever-popular silicone wristband, and they really are a fantastic promotional product. They can only ever be in two positions, flat or curled; it is flat until you slap it against your wrist and then it curls.

Many businesses have already discovered the benefits of promoting with Silicone Wristbands, and now with the slap bracelets coming into fashion, they are looking to do the same with these. Think about it - the slap bracelet can have a bold print, a logo will be highly visible, and because they are more durable, they will last much longer than a traditional wristband.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Here at, our slap bracelets or snapbands are made from top quality materials to ensure they are strong and durable, yet they are still very cost effective in terms of advertising. Your business and logo will stand out from the crowd with this unique form of advertising that will attract people of all ages.

From the older generation of 80s kids who have now grown up but want to relive their childhood to the newer generations experiencing slap bracelets for the first time. Everyone will love these while your logo will be widely recognised when you use the slap bracelet as your method of choice.

Confident You Will Love Our Products

You can be sure that your brand will be advertised effectively to your target audience with our fun slap bracelets. If you have any questions or require any further information, do not hesitate to contact us today. We can even supply free samples because we are so confident that you will love our products.

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