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There are many ways for companies to advertise their products or services, but advertising can be an expensive outlay, particularly for small- to medium-sized businesses. However, larger companies know the benefit of using the media to get their name out there.

TV Advertising

Television advertising is a powerful way to get a message across to a target audience, and it would appear that estate agency Savills has decided that this is the best method for them. Viewers of the popular ITV drama Victoria may have noticed the appearance of adverts for Savills during the break over the past weekend.

In March, Alison Dean who is the company's head of consumer marketing said that she was looking into a number of film-based promotions for Savills; these adverts confirm that she has chosen to use television advertising.

Ad Campaign

The Savills ad campaign began with House Unfaithful and Mancave, both of which are being employed by the company to celebrate the relationship that people have with their homes depending on the stage of life they are at. The ads were the brainchild of isobel, a creative agency, and the plan is for these to run for eight weeks.

As part of the campaign, there will also be a number of digital and print additions, which are designed to show "the firm's in-depth market knowledge, UK wide coverage, an international network, and exceptional negotiating skills".

Ms Dean said, "We are incredibly ambitious for the business and recognise the need to be nimble in a changing market. Our new campaign is a key part of driving future success, using an approach that is tried and tested in other retail and service sectors. We are out to challenge both the status quo in the market and preconceived ideas of who and what Savills is. The TV commercials are just the beginning."

Alternative to TV Advertising

While television advertising is highly effective, there are much cheaper options that small- and medium-sized businesses should consider. If your company has a limited budget for advertising, you can use promotional products to increase your brand awareness. Our range includes:

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Here at Ribbonworks, we know the power of advertising, but we also know that it is not always necessary to spend a small fortune to achieve your marketing goals. With printed promotional items, you can easily advertise your products and services for very little outlay.

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