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Advertising is an important aspect of running any business as it helps to create brand awareness, which, in turn, can lead to increased profits. But advertising can be very expensive and as well as this it is evolving all the time. In fact, the UK's first 4DX-enabled cinema ad is about to be launched by Xbox, which aims to give cinema-goers a more immersive experience than regular advertising on the big screen.

What is 4-D Cinema?

4-D cinema is an entertainment system designed to combine 3-D film with physical effects that are synchronised with the movie. It means that viewers may experience vibrating chairs, sprays of water and gusts of wind while watching a movie. It provides for a more engaging experience and is popular with cinema-goers who want to feel more involved in the movie.

Now it would seem that businesses can see the potential of 4-D advertising. To this end, Xbox is promoting the release of Forza Horizon 3, its new car racing game, with an ad that will give viewers an experience they will not forget in a hurry.

A Virtual Experience

Viewers can expect to experience vibrating seats, fog, water sprays, gusts of wind, and various scents as they watch the advert on the big screen, which will showcase footage of the game. This sixty-second virtual experience will delight audiences and could pave the way for even more businesses taking advantage of the power of 4-D advertising.

The Forza Horizon 3 advert was created by CRAFT and McCann London, and it will feature in six Cineworld cinemas across the country. Cinemas with 4DX-enabled screens in Glasgow, Crawley, Milton Keynes, Stevenage, Ipswich, and Sheffield will run the add in their Gold Spot premium position.

A World of Possibilities

Cinema-goers planning to watch films including Ben Hur, Suicide Squad and The Magnificent Seven can expect to see the ad this weekend. There will also be a 2-D version of the ad showing on non-4DX-enabled cinema screens.

CEO of Digital Cinema Media Karen Stacey said, "When 4DX first launched in cinemas in the UK last year, it opened a whole new world of possibilities for brands advertising in the space. DCM is now proud to have worked with our partners to bring this superb innovation to the ad reel, and Forza Horizon is the perfect fit for the technology."

Advertising on a Limited Budget

4-D advertising will not be suitable for everyone, however. In most instances, the cost associated with this type of advertising platform will be astronomical, and one that will suit large corporations only.

Nevertheless, there is a very effective form of advertising available for companies with a limited budget for advertising, and this involves the use of promotional products. Promotional products include:

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